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Aerial Silks Choreography

Join in this 4 week (March 6-27) choreography series with Sierra Camille Faulkner! We will work on increasing stamina, linking moves together and working with music throughout the series. The class will learn choreography together and work on perfecting it with music throughout the 4 weeks.

$80 for all 4 classes
Limited class size, please pre-register before the first class.

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Beginning Climbing & Inversions

Come work on getting upside down in this beginner level workshop perfect for those itching to get up the pole. This one hour workshop is also great for those who have taken a break from pole or need to polish their skills.

Shayna is a long time instructor here at iCandy. She teaches both beginner and intermediate level pole classes.

Please pre-register as space is limited.
Workshop is subject to cancellation if enrollment is low.

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Cored-nation Aerial Rope on April 9th at 1:30 pm!

Aerial Rope is quickly sweeping the globe! Have you been wondering how you can fly through the air in an effortless way? Come explore the art of momentum in this Corde-nation workshop. In our time together, we learn the basics of how to use momentum to invert and maintain motion in the air. With a foundation in technique and an understanding of physics, Aerial Rope can become easy and fluid by simply learning and mastering coordination!
This workshop is geared toward flyers who can climb a fabric or rope, invert easily in the air and can execute knee hooks and basic S and Z wraps.

Aerial Bio
Jocelynn Rudig is a certified Aerial Fabric, Aerial Yoga, Yoga and GYROKINESIS® Instructor. She has been teaching aerial dance for over 10 years. Jocelynn began her training at the San Francisco Circus Center and continues to train at the Boulder Circus Center and around the world with fellow flyers. She has been performing aerial dance, modern and ballet for over 15 years, specializing in Aerial Fabric, Lyra, Trapeze, Rope and Invented Apparatus. She teaches workshops across the nation in studios and at festivals. Internationally, she has taught in Central America, Mexico, Thailand, France and India. At home, in Boulder, CO, she teaches at Tease, Live Beyond Limit, MOTH and at the Boulder Circus Center where she co-teaches Aircat Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings and Aircat Aerial Fabric Teacher Trainings. In addition to flying in the air, she performs, teaches Yoga and is a Clinical Herbalist. Please visit her website at

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New students only.  Does not apply to Silks or Workshops.

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