1 1/2 Hour Beginner Class

$25 per Class

An introductory class into the graceful and deceptively difficult art of aerial silks.
This class is built for first-time students, beginners, and those wanting to polish their basic aerial skills.
Learning basic climbs, locks, and poses, students will build strength, flexibility, and endurance, while progressing towards more difficult poses, transitions, and sequences.
Students will learn spotting techniques as well.
Focused warm-ups, conditioning, and cool-downs on the floor and with the silks will highlight the fundamental body positions needed for safe aerials- hollow body and shoulder engagement. Clean and proper form is as important as the ability to execute moves safely.

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What to Wear

** Please wear fitted pants/leggings and a shirt that covers your armpits. No tank tops please. Jewelry, especially rings, should be removed before class. **