Intermediate/Advanced Class

In this level two class we will focus on more challenging moves, incorporating both strength and flexibility.  It will begin with a warm-up and stretch to get the body loose and moving and conditioning, using our bodies and the apparatus.  We will put together short combos, learn to transition smoothly between static moves building on skills learned in level 1 and learn more advanced moves.  Lyra will help build upper body strength, develop flexibility, and increase stamina.

1) Please attend a minimum of 8 Lyra Level 1 classes before advancing
2) You must be able to invert without assistance (minimum 3 times in a row)
3) Must be able to do multiple single legs hangs in a row
4) Must feel comfortable doing hocks hangs from the top (without cheating)
5) Instructor approval. If you have questions about your level, feel free to contact Molli 🙂

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What to Wear

Please wear fitted pants that cover the backs of the knees, and a shirt that is either fitted or can be tucked in. You can wear either socks or be barefoot. Jewelry, especially rings, should be removed before class.