Intermediate Level 2 / Advanced Class

This hour long session is what it sounds like! It is an open hour to practice, share, create and learn. There is no strict class curriculum, but it is NOT open to all levels like our regular open studio sessions. So that combo you saw on YouTube, or pose you saw on Instagram?? Let’s do it! You are free to practice old combos, new tricks, old tricks, whatever you heart desires! This class¬†is for students who have solidified Intermediate Level 1 moves.

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1) Can execute clean climbs and aerial inversions
2) Must be able to do unassisted inside/outside leg hangs
3) Must be comfortable in intermediate grips including Twisted Grip and Ayesha

What to Wear

We recommend that students wear workout clothes that are not loose fitting. Shorts are recommended for climbing and inverting. Heels are not required, but are welcome.