• iCandy improved my life on many different levels. I had a lot of unexpected health issues take over my life prior to iCandy. I lost my feminine figure to heavy medication and I lost my hair to chemotherapy. iCandy made me feel sexy when my hair was thin and just growing back. I got incredible workouts through dance that made me smile and embrace my body. I’m loving my confidence that iCandy put back into my life. Bridget
  • I can’t say enough about iCandy. I have been taking classes for over a year and a half and love, love, love all of them and all of the instructors. I was a fitness instructor for over 24 years and have been a member of many “fitness” clubs. I speak from a place of experience when I say that these instructors are not only professional and knowledgeable but a whole lot of fun. I have never been a member of a fitness establishment quite like iCandy, a place of complete non-judgement and acceptance no matter your age, size, fitness level or ability. The atmosphere is that of complete safety and success. iCandy has changed my life and outlook completely. No matter what stress may be going on in my life; I always leave my classes feeling better and filled with joy. I’m loving the strength tha… Catherine S-C.
  • “I love iCandy! I fell in love with pole here and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. All the instructors are great and the classes are fun!” Angela F.
  • “We had a bridal party today and did a group pole class with Heather!!!! She was amazing, and they were MORE than accommodating. Thank you so much for making our party a blast!” Amanda McD.
  • “The people at iCandy studio are the best! I got this great offer to try pole dancing for the first time just a few weeks ago and I went to my first class, feeling very intimidated and not sure what to do, the instructor made me feel like I was in any other type of dance class. She was very professional, patient & extremely helpful. I loved the experience and now I need more of it! Thanks iCandy Studio for offering super fun challenging classes that definitely helps bring sexy into my workout! Everyone definitely needs to try it! Love it!” Carol Pita B.
  • I have been to several different pole studios around the bay area (4 in all) and iCandy has blown all the others away. I do pole dancing at iCandy, so Im going to focus this review on that. I have greatly improved my pole skills and its all because of the instructors and variety of class levels offered. One thing that I really appreciate is how iCandy offers different pole classes for different levels, and at a fair price compared to other studios. I have worked my way up into the Advanced pole class and continue to work on achieving new goals in this fun and classy workout environment. If your a Sonoma county resident and are interested in quality classes that will strengthen and empower you both in class and your everyday life iCandy is the place to go. iCandy is somewhere where you c… Carrie W.
  • The first time I had a class here I was so shy and didn’t know what to expect. I remember it like it was yesterday. I walked in for a pole fit class and was given the choice to wear heels to dance in, so of course I did. The day after I was sore all over and in muscles I didn’t even know I had. I knew that was a good sign. I remember thinking, “damn I have so much more respect for Pole Dancers now.” Ten months later, I am now in the Intermediate 2 class. I am more confident and and am so proud of myself when I am able to preform spins/tricks/poses. This place has done wonders for me. I never knew I had a pole dancer in me and I wish I had discovered that sooner! To all you first timers out there, don’t get intimidated. If you stick with it you will get there. It takes time to build up t… Angela F.
  • The most unreal workouts! I bought a two week unlimited pass (New Years Eve deal) and have loved every class I’ve taken so far! I’ve done cardio blast, which kicked my butt and left me sore for 3 days. I’ve done pole techniques which was perfect to start with because I am a beginner. Pole Fitness was so much fun because we used weighted hula hoops for part of the warm up and learned a sexy routine in heels. I am now waiting to take the chair tease class! It’s so fun trying new things and this is definitely the place to go. The employees are so friendly and welcoming! I can’t wait to get better and be more confident in my skin. I can already feel my arms, abs, thighs and legs toning up! I do recommend booking your classes at least 2 weeks ahead online because they are very popular and in… Ann D.
  • I went to iCandy with my Bestie Lindsay and it was so FUN!!!!! 🙂
    I was super nervous (I have a hip replacement and cannot do all the moves) but the teacher made me feel so comfortable and showed me moves I could do in the routine without making me feel awkward! They do parties too which sounds like fun and what better way to spice up your life then with a new little dance! 🙂 Great Place, Talented Teachers and Perfect Prices! Check it out! Super fun!
    Jennifer B.